KAZoART For Businesses, Customized Art Services For Professionals

KAZoART accompanies professionals in the acquisition of artworks for their various establishments, hotels, restaurants and offices. Our team of artistic advisors guides them throughout their search and designs personalized offers that correspond to their specific needs.

Fiscal Advantages

Displaying a work of art means transmitting a strong message to your customers, employees and partners: you are sending out a dynamic, differentiating and high-end image.

And to combine business with pleasure, for individuals with French-based businesses, we have a financing offer on all artworks in our catalog! You can lease one or multiple works of art to start a collection of original works of art for your offices all the while benefiting from a tax break.

With a catalog of more than 1,000 handpicked artists, KAZoART, the online art gallery provides you with a personal art advisor to accompany you in your search and find the ideal piece for your company - one that conveys a message you wish to send.


& Offices

Showcase works of art in your workspace.

Profession liberales

Licensed Professionals

Enhance your company’s image through art.


& Restaurants

Refine and embellish your establishment with art.

Decorateur interieur

Interior Designers

Trade discounts on all your projects.


Picto oeuvre

Diverse Catalog

Our catalog showcases over 1,000 artists and 50,000 works of art featuring a wide array of styles and techniques

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Picto curateur

Expertly Curated Selection

Our team of curators have hand-picked these artists for their stand-out qualities and success on the international art market.

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Picto camion

International Shipping

Safe & insured international shipping on all orders with the transporter of your choice or one of KAZoART’s trusted partners.

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Picto impot

Customized Financing

Depending on your project, we can set up the right financing for you: an outright purchase or a leasing agreement.

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Business Professionals
Lease Contemporary Art

Art leasing allows you to acquire works of art for your workspace in a simple and progressive way while reducing taxation.


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