Enhance Your Brand thanks to NFTs

NFTs: A Booming Market

An NFT, or a Non Fungible Token, is a digital asset (a .jpg file, a video, a digital object, a right to participate in governance, etc.) that can be owned in a tamper-proof way thanks to the blockchain. An NFT can be bought, resold, transferred, gifted and collected. The most commonly used cryptocurrency for NFTs is Ethereum.

The main areas in which NFTs are flourishing are art, collectibles, video games, metaverses, and utilities. That said, the market is evolving very quickly, with new segments and new uses emerging every week!

High Impact NFT Projects For Brands

Many brands have already begun using NFTs to boost and even completely renew their digital marketing strategies. NFT sales alongside physical products, charity events, contests, raffles, gifts, frequent shopper perks, community involvement, and press coverage have proven profitable in ushering in new marketing schemes.

In the metaverses (virtual worlds), brands can open showrooms and organize commercial, cultural, charity or community events.

© Lucie Lith
KAZoART NFT Genesis Collection - © Lucie Lith

Why launch an NFT project for your brand?

Boost Your Brand

Strengthen links with your users, customers, partners and employees and create new relationships or collaborations for your brand.

New Customers, New Revenues

In the crypto sphere, you can easily develop new revenues and gain new customers because it is made up of a young crowd with a high purchasing power and strong community spirit.

An Increased Visibility

Attract media attention not only within your community but also the general public.

Attract media attention not only within your community but also the general public.

Instill a dynamic of innovation within your marketing, communication and product teams.

© Etienne Eczet
KAZoART NFT Genesis Collection - © Etienne Eczet

KAZoART Builds Successful NFT Projects

Since early 2021, KAZoART became the first online art gallery to launch an Art NFT sale and has since accompanied many brands and companies in their marketing and communication initiatives.

Our team can guide you through each step of your project:

  • Strategic recommendations specific to your brand
  • Choosing and managing artists and their creations for your NFTs
  • Minting NFTs in the Blockchain
  • Marketing and communication strategies for your NFT sales (scarcity, contests, whitelist, community animation, etc.).
  • Educating your community about NFTs (webinars, FAQs, user guides, etc.)
  • Organizing customized virtual events in our gallery in the CryptoVoxels Metaverse

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